A Triumphant Debut For DJ Ronnie Paul

It’s not like we were expecting just anybody when we met Surgz Seattle Events’ DJ Ronnie Paul. With a long history of Seattle-area gigs, he’s been in the game for a good while. What we got on Saturday, April 20, however, was a mix master with a turntable who knows exactly what the people want on a Saturday night, what sounds good coming through the speakers, and who delivers that "oh so good" sensation on a silver platter.

Live Music On Alki Beach: The Bridge!

April 13th 8pm-11pm, live music is on Alki Beach! The Bamboo Bar and Grill Welcomes: THE BRIDGE!.

Who Is Bridge? Bridge is a three piece rock n roll band from Everett, WA who puts out the sound of a six piece band, cranking out authentic renditions of some of the greatest bands of all time, such as Grand Funk, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, The Doobie Bothers, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy etc! Bridge is far more than just a cover band going through the motions. They live & feel every song they play whether it's a timeless classic or one of their original songs that many have claimed "rank right up there with the classics"!

The bridge has a great mix of classic rock tunes that will be great for dancing and partying all night! Come early for great seats.Live music is BACK on Alki! 

Directions to The Bamboo Bar and Grill

Live Music on Alki Beach is at the Bamboo Bar and Grill: The Bridge



  • The Bridge Members

    Marc: Drums and vocals. Not only is he simply a drummer, but aside from laying down the groove, Marc is an entertainer through and through. His rock and roll antics get the crowd fired up every time!
    Craig: Bass & Vocals Craig is a serious bass player who plays for the song, making it breath when it's a ballad & thunder when it's a rocker! He has a built in sense of humor & is constantly cracking a joke or just makes a face, and the crowd laughs hysterically!
    Brad: Guitar & Vocals Brad has been influenced by all great music & because of this, has a very versatile guitar style playing anything from classical, jazz, rockabilly, country, acoustic folk, fingerstyle to full on shredding rock n roll! Brad sings a fair amount of the bands material, doing anything from smooth ballads to full on raspy rock n roll!

  • Influences

    Bridge is compiled of serious musicians who have been heavily influenced by all of the great bands & musicians of the seventies. Bridge also ventures back to the sixties, through the eighties & into the nineties & current & has influences all the way from the Beatles, to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, to Progressive bands like Yes & Rush, to Steely Dan, to Alice In Chains, to Government Mule, & appreciates new artists like John Mayer, etc!

  • Sounds Like

    Bridge sounds like all of the good classic rock bands rolled into one & if you like guitar oriented rock & roll with a serious kick to it, you'll dig Bridge!     



Valentine's Day Dinner for two at the Bamboo Bar and Grill

So Feburary 14th is valentines day. It think we are all thinking, "Where do we go for dinner?". You want it to be somewhere special and sometimes I beleive we over think these sorts of things. One thing is for sure, Alki Beach is a great place to bring your loved one on Valentines Day. There is something about Alki Beach that makes normal dinners into unforgettable dinners. Bringing that special someone down to the beach (espeically if you don't live in West Seattle) really supprises them. 

Take your Valentine to Alki Beach this Valentine's Day. Bamboo Bar and Grill

The Bamboo Bar and Grill is having a GREAT Valentines Day dinner special Dinner and a glass of wine for $34.99. 


Super Bowl Party 2013 BAMBOO STYLE

Super Bowl Party on the beach @ Bamboo Bar and Grill! We are raffling off all kinds of hot swag and other goodies including a 6 foot 100% genuine imitation surf board! Come down early to get great seats for the game and every drink sold before half time you get a raffle ticket. Every quarter we will draw from our super bowl of raffle tickets.

Bamboo Bar and Grill is the best place to watch the Super Bowl 2013

What: Superbowl Party 2013


Where: West Seattle's Bar on the beach: Bamboo Bar and Grill


When: February 3rd 9am until the end of the game!


Why: Duh... it's the SUPERBOWL!!


How:  Any way you can!


Grand Prize: 6 foot 100% genuine imitation surf board


Notice: The cute fingers.







January 12th! Paul McCartney Tribute Band LIVE

Bamboo Bar and Grill Presents: Wings n Things the Paul McCartney Tribute band. NO COVER CHARGE!! Just come down to the Bamboo Bar and Grill and listen to the west coast's best Paul McCartney tribute band LIVE! Come down early to get seats!! Music starts at 8pm!


"Last week we heard a Paul McCartney & Wings tribute band called Wings and Things.If I shut my eyes it was a Wings concert..seriously."THE SEATTLE PI

Live Paul McCartney Tribute Band on Alki at the Bamboo Bar and Grill



Koo Koo for Coconut Shrimp

Bamboo Bar and Grill coconut shrimp. Great for happy hour on AlkiShrimp are shrimp. But the shrimp at Bamboo Bar and Grill are off the chain! Normally I just get my chowder or salad, but tonight I was feeling frisky and got the coconut shrimp. WOW! They are awesome! Many times you get some shrimp that are battered down so much you cannot taste anything but the breading...

Christmas Ships On Alki Beach: Bamboo Hot Drink Specials

$2 Off selecting hot alcoholic drinks at the Bamboo!This year the Argosy Christmas Ship Festival will be sailing past Alki Beach on December 8th around 5pm. It is scheduled to be COLD so the Bamboo Bar and Grill is heating up some of our hot drink specials so you can keep warm while watching all of the beautifully decorated ships sailing past the beach!

$2 off Alki Night Cap, Kanpoor Poor and Hot Apple Pie (the drink not the actual pie)

Here are the details:

CHOIR: Dickens Carolers
: Pier 55, 3:45pm-6:05pm
Lowman Beach Park
5:25-5:45 Alki Beach Park*











Old Faithful Clam Chowder

Bamboo Bar and Grill has Great Clam ChowderWorking late at the Bamboo, working on the website and Facebook page I decided to order dinner and one of my all time favorites, the Clam Chowder. The chowder was just like I remembered, hot, creamy and full of flavor. Not particularly "clammy" but enough "clam meat" to make it delicious.

Bamboo Bar and Grill is under NEW LOCAL OWNERSHIP!!

Bamboo Bar and Grill is under NEW LOCAL OWNERSHIPBamboo Bar and Grill, West Seattle’s well-known destination for great food and entertainment,  located on Alki Beach recently announced the restaurant is now under new ownership and they are making some big changes.

Grand RE-OPENING is scheduled for October 26, 2012 just in time for their famous Halloween on the Beach and Costume Competition” featuring a DJ and dancing as well as some great prizes. According to the new owner Plamen Stoyanov, over the last year or so the Bamboo had “lost its way”. The #1 priority according to Plamen is to bring back the magic the Bamboo. “It will take work, but we are dedicated to bring fun back to the beach. I am removing many things that brought in the wrong clientele and bring back the things that attract the smart, professional customers who are looking to have a fun time.”

Safety and quality are the focus points of Bamboo’s new owner. How does he plan on doing that? “By increasing security headcount and changing the Bamboo’s overall entertainment.”, says Plumen.

It is not only about changing the look and feel of the Bamboo, the food and drink is being revamped as well. New drink and food menus are already done. “In the past the Bamboo was known for its unique delicious, consistent food. I want to bring that back” says John Theofelis . Switching some food vendors and focusing on local quality ingredients was the first step in this process. “We have trained and re-trained our support staff so that every customer gets the service they expect and deserve.”

Plamen is no stranger to the restaurant business. Having been the industry for over 18 years, he has seen what has worked and what hasn’t. “It is all about your customers, if you can win their hearts, they will be loyal. I enjoy winning hearts. It is important to be seen by your customers, they must know that you appreciate their business.”

Giving back to the community is important. The new owner already has a number of charitable events lined up, leveraging the Bamboo to increase charitable donations to a number of local charities.

Living literally 3 minutes from the Bamboo (via car), Plamen is a local West Seattleite and has lived here for over 8 years. Professional bike rider, Plamen rode for American and Italian bike racing teams and enjoys riding on the beach and around West Seattle. He really looks forward making the Bamboo a destination spot for everyone in West Seattle looking for a good, safe time.

About Bamboo Bar and Grill
Bamboo Bar and Grill is located at 2806 Alki Avenue Southwest  West Seattle, WA 98116 and is a locally owned company. Gift cards are available. For more information, visit www.BambooAlki.com or call (206) 937-3023.